Mary Pratt

Mary Pratt, E-500 

Mary initially found yoga to balance out her long runs.  As she practiced, she started to notice the mindful impact yoga brought into her life. The impact of her practice was so great that it led Mary to a training and has been teaching since 2012.

Mary teaches a strong intentional class that embodies breath connection, healthy movement and space for individuals.  Mary started teaching primarily flow classes and has since trained in restorative, yin, gentle and meditative practices.  Nourishment, connection and calm are at the core of Mary’s teaching.

In addition to teaching Yoga, Mary is a Nutritional Therapist and herbalist and works with individuals and groups on their healing path.  Through her work as an herbalist, she has created a line of herbal teas.

When Mary is not doing Yoga, she can be found spending time in her kitchen, on a trail with her puppy dog, reading, spending time with her family, hiking, running or playing with plants.