May 16: Yoga & Sacred Ceremony

SacredYogaJourneyYoga & Sacred Ceremony
w/ Natalia Karoway-Waterhouse
Saturday, May 16th @ 1:30 – 4pm
$30 registration
At least 5 people must pre-register by Friday, May 15th in order for this event to run

An afternoon of yoga, shamanic journeying and sacred ceremony to clear stagnant energy and awaken your most vibrant self.

This workshop combines my three most powerful change-making tools into one sacred community experience. Together, we will move stagnant & blocked energy through our yoga practice and replace it with the seeds of our highest potentials. With newfound space and a clear vision, we will seal the intention of who we are becoming with a beautiful ceremony. Most importantly we will witness each other—and be witnessed—for exactly who we want to be in this world, without limit.

Our Three Tools:

Yoga – Moving our bodies is an amazing way to clear stagnant energy—whether this energy is physical, emotional or spiritual. A short meditation will help us pinpoint what needs clearing and our yoga practice will be dedicated to moving it out.

Shamanic Journeying – Once you’ve made space within, we will take a guided journey to see what you wish to awaken in your life on a deeper level. A shamanic journey is similar to a guided meditation and is set to the rhythm of a drum or rattle. It helps us to access visions and dreams without the fear and conditioning that normally limits us.

Sacred Ceremony – We will create a traditional Peruvian earth offering called a despacho. These bundles are beautiful mandalas made from natural materials that we infuse with our dreams and prayers. They are an amazing way to set strong intentions and to plant the seeds of our dreams that are ready to come to life.

You can expect to leave this workshop feeling light and vibrant in body, mind & spirit with the energy you need to reach your highest intentions. Though very spiritual in nature, this work is not religious and is open to all.

I can’t wait to sit in sacred space with you!

NataliaAbout Natalia

At my core, I am a lover of transformation. Through yoga, shamanism and sacred ceremony, I am devoted to creating a beautiful, safe and joyful space for our souls to come alive and remember our highest potentials. I believe that when we are able to remember, we are able to thrive in all aspects of our being.

I officially stepped onto the shamanic path in 2011 when my own soul was calling out for deeper healing and deeper meaning. It was at this time that I experienced transformation unlike any other and in that moment, I truly fell in love with life. My training started with The Four Winds where I received certification in shamanic energy medicine. Upon completion, I began further training under Jose Luis Herrera, diving infinitely deeper into the authentic indigenous medicine of Peru. I have also been blessed enough to receive rites of passage and training directly from multiple medicine lineages in the high Andes of Peru.

I find sacred movement to be essential for complete well-being. I love to dance & have been practicing yoga since 2008. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at South Boston Yoga under the wise direction of David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund. It had long been a dream of mine to teach yoga fused with shamanic wisdom and I am so grateful to now bring this vision to my community.

Though I am a wanderer at heart, I am currently living and loving in Massachusetts with my web designer husband where we enjoy exploring nature, sitting in ceremony, practicing yoga & dreaming up our next adventure.

Learn more about Natalia at

Revolution Community Yoga
537 Massachusetts Avenue
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