ON HIATUS after 4/21: Tuesdays 6pm Meditation w/ Paula

ON HIATUS after April 21st
Tuesdays 6pm Meditation w/ Paula 

Join Paula Blanchard at RCY every Tuesday evening at 6pm. This Meditation session is free and open to all.

Meditation is about being mindful of yourself in the present moment. This can be done anywhere, any time. Meditation drastically improves our psychological well-being, but also our physical health, allowing us to truly experience life. Mindfulness mediation has been proven to significantly reduce stress and relieve anxiety, addiction and depression. It’s also been proven to improve concentration and boosts the immune system.

Why We Do It For Free:  Metta meditation
The Pali word ‘Metta‘ is commonly translated in English as ‘loving-kindness.’  Mettasignifies friendship and non-violence as well as “a strong wish for the happiness of others.”  Though it refers to many seemingly disparate ideas, Metta is in fact a very specific form of love — a caring for another independent of all self-interest — and thus is likened to one’s love for one’s child or parent. Understandably, this energy is often difficult to describe with words; however, in the practice of Metta meditation, one recites specific words and phrases in order to evoke this “boundless warm-hearted feeling.”  The strength of this feeling is not limited to or by family, religion, or social class.  Indeed, Metta is a tool that permits one’s generosity and kindness to be applied to all beings and, as a consequence, one finds true happiness in another person’s happiness, no matter who the individual is.

Paula Blanchard

Paula Blanchard
While at acupuncture school 16 years ago, Paula took off a year to live and practice yoga at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Her time there helped Paula understand the value of mixing all types of mind body systems to find the right formula for each person. This, of course, led to more discovery, more time off, and eventually to an interesting twist in the path. Instead of jumping right into practice with acupuncture after graduation from New England School of Acupuncture, Paula opted to pursue a career in Information technology (which helped pay for all that exploring.) She’s thrilled to now be playing a role in spreading the good word about community acupuncture. As a Massachusetts native, she firmly believes that community acupuncture is wicked good for treating a range of issues and concerns. Paula is the co-founder of Revolution and very happy to be bringing yoga, nutrition and acupuncture to West Acton When she’s not at the clinic, Paula’s usually zipping around town on her Vespa.

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