Meeting Menopause Workshop

Meeting Menopause
Finding Support Through Yoga, Mindfulness and Nutrition
w/ Mary Pratt @ RCY Westford
Saturday, April 27th @ 2 – 4pm
Early registration $40 until April 19th / $50 after April 19th
6 people must register by April 19th for this workshop to run

Menopause and Peri-Menopause are transitional stages in a women’s life that can be filled with discomfort and disturbance. In this workshop we will take an inward look and nurture this transition through asana, breath work, meditation and nutrition and consider the support each of these lifestyle practices bring.

Topics we will cover:
• An overview of the hormone shift happening in our body
• The relation to our stress response
• Moving energy in our physical body
• Body Image/Body Changes
• The power of our mindset: letting go, allowing and presence
• Foods and their relation to hormone support

My hope for those that attend is gained wisdom, tools for support and ease, deeper connection and an empowered outlook.

Mary Pratt, E200-500RYT
Mary initially found yoga to balance out her long runs. As she practiced, she started to notice the mindful impact yoga brought into her life. The impact of her practice was so great that it led Mary to a training. Yoga has inspired Mary to embrace her journey and live authentically.  Mary teaches a strong intentional class that embodies breath connection, healthy movement and space for individuals. Mary started teaching primarily flow classes and has also embraced meditation, private clients, yin and restorative practices. Strength, presence and nourishment are at the core of Mary’s teaching.  In addition to teaching Yoga, Mary is a Nutritional Therapist working with individuals and groups on their healing path. Mary has recently moved to the area with her husband and three boys after spending 21 years as an Army spouse. When Mary is not doing Yoga, she can be found creating healthy dishes in her kitchen, on a trail with her puppy dog, reading, hanging with the ‘fam’ or at the beach (any season). Mary has been inspired by many teachers along the way, but two primary teachers are Stacy Dockins and Mary NurrieStearns.