Mindfulness & Intuitive Art

Mindfulness & Intuitive Art (Online)
w/ Jhilam Sanyal
Saturday, October 17th @ 4 – 6pm
Only 10 Spots Available!
Registration $55

Art as a mindfulness practice and the act of intuitive drawing and painting is a practice accessible to all regardless of art experience or skill. This class is an introduction to creativity for stress relief, establishing a connection with your innate creativity, and incorporating creativity into your daily life. This class will focus on art as process rather than on the technical aspects of drawing and painting or on a finished product. Activities will consist of guided meditations and instructor led exercises. Students will also have the opportunity to experiment with combining what they have learned from the exercises. No art experience required.  The supply list will be sent upon registration.

Supply List
Note – The supplies listed below can easily be obtained at a CVS, Walmart or similar store. It is not necessary to have expensive supplies for this class.

1. A quiet a space as possible so you are not interrupted and can relax into the meditations
2. Headphones or earbuds recommended for guided meditations
3. Paper: Watercolor paper, bristol or mixed media paper (9”x12” or 11”14”). Printer/copier paper, drawing paper or a sketchbook is also fine.
4. 1 type of the following: Oil pastels, Soft pastels, Crayons (children’s art sets are ok!) (colored pencils ok if you cannot obtain the others)
5. 1 type of the following: Watercolors. acrylics, tempera (children’s art sets are ok!)
6. Brushes
7. 2 plastic cups or containers for water
8. if using tube paints, appropriate palette, wax paper or aluminum foil
9. Rag/paper towels
10. Recommend placing your computer/electronics on a stack of books or something to lift it from the surface so it is safe from spills or accidents
11. Sufficient space for you to spread out, work, and get messy – dining tables are great

Colored pencils
Any media/art supplies you already have and want to experiment with

Jhilam Sanyal was born in India and enrolled in her first art class at age 3 where her natural talent was first noted by her instructor. Jhilam engaged in drawing and painting throughout her life and in 2012, focused her work on abstract painting and design.

Jhilam paints intuitively and often creates vibrant abstract paintings in acrylic, ink and watercolor that are unapologetically bold and reflect an inner sense of curiosity, playfulness, and an astute ability to create artwork with energetic and seemingly chaotic components.

Jhilam also creates nature-influenced collages and designs book and CD covers. Jhilam frequently travels and her work is influenced by the colors, sounds, sights, and interactions with those she meets along the way. As a tribute to her Indian heritage and her very first art teacher, all the titles of Jhilam’s work are in her native language of Bengali. Her work has been exhibited at the Cambridge Art Association, Arlington Center for the Arts, Concord Center for the Visual Arts, Cambridge Center for Adult Education, as well as at 537 Main Street in Acton, MA and Gallery Gold in Kolkata, India.

In addition to art, Jhilam is also a developmental coach and creativity facilitator.