Mixed Age Slow Flow (Ages 9+, Beginner-Friendly & Tween-Friendly)

Mixed-Age Slow Flow (Ages 9+, Beginner-Friendly & Tween-Friendly)
w/ Keri Straka in The Loft
Saturdays @ 3 – 4pm (beginning Feb. 10th)

If you’re looking for a REAL Yoga class where you can bring along a tween 9+, look no further!

This slow flow vinyasa class will ease beginning Yogis into the structure of a flow class. All levels of students are welcome including tweens* 9 years of age and older with a participating parent/guardian. Focus on breath and alignment, breaking down poses and providing adjustments to help students translate verbal cues to muscle memory. Props and modifications will be used, allowing each student to find the right version of a pose for their body. “Demystify” and practice flow, preparing students to enter an All Levels flow class with confidence! This class is also ideal for any Yogi wanting to hone their alignment, spend quality time with a child, or just enjoy a slow flow, as well… not just for Beginners!

Revolution Community Yoga
537 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, MA 01720