Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor, 200 RYT, is an experienced yoga teacher, musician and a life long committed student of both disciplines. Neil is fascinated by the potential we uncover through intentional placement, steady breathing and the development of awareness and emphasizes these tools in his teaching to help students empower themselves to heal and live well both on and off the mat.

Being a musician most of his life, Neil found Yoga the way many people do; looking for some exercise. By the end of his first practice he not only felt better physically but also experienced a deep feeling of peace. This pleasant surprise was the beginning of his journey with Yoga.

Neil has trained extensively with Master Baptiste teachers Gregor Singleton, Claire Este-McDonald, and Coeli Marsh and has also had the opportunity to be mentored closely by Masaaki Okamura. Neil has also served as a classroom assistant to Natasha Rizopolous, and has deepened his understanding of the craft through his apprenticing with Chiropractor and Yogi Dr. Tom Alden. Neil is an active member of the Boston chapter of the Teacher’s Study Project and in his steady commitment to teaching has completed additional trainings with David Nichtern (meditation), Theresa Murphy (yoga and anatomy), and Johnny Gillespie (Balanced Athlete).

Currently Neil is completing his 300 hour Teacher Training with Theresa Murphy and continues to work closely with his mentor Tom. Off the mat he enjoys being outside, seeking creative expression through music and being with friends and family.