Nourishing Ayurvedic 3-Week Cleanse

Ease Into Autumn: A Nourishing Ayurvedic 3-Week Cleanse
w/ Jean Popovich at Revolution Community Yoga
Begins Sunday, October 22nd at the FREE Info Class @ RCY
Registration for cleanse: $189
Registration for cleanse + cleanse kit: $239 (includes tongue scraper, dry brush, bottle of organic sesame or coconut oil)

Autumn is a time of reflection and rejuvenation. The heat of summer is dissipating, and a chill is in the air. Birds are headed for warmer climates and animals are nesting for winter. Here in New England, we’re treated to immense beauty as the tapestry of leaves change from green to gold, red and brown.

Ayurveda attributes the qualities of Vata – air and ether – to autumn and winter. We have just left the Pitta season of Summer. Fall is the perfect time to get grounded and begin anew. To leave behind the cold dryness of winter and embrace our earthiness before the Pitta, Fire and Water, season of Summer.

Journey with us for three weeks as we solidify our daily schedules, eat warm cooked foods, and free ourselves of toxins.

We will meet from 2-3pm Sunday October 22 in the Waterfall Room in the lower studio at RCY, or online via Zoom).  From then on we will meet virtually mid-week and once during the weekend, times TBA, untill Nov 8th.

Contact Jean at for more details.

Jean Popovich has been practicing the Art of Yoga for over fifteen years. She is also an Ayurveda Wellness Counsellor through Kerala Ayurveda Academy. Ayurveda is the healing aspects of Yoga beyond the physical tradition. Ayurveda focuses on bringing the body into balance through diet, yoga, breath control and meditation.

Jean’s down-to-earth, relaxed style conveys a deep understanding of these complex concepts while easily explaining all postures and techniques as well as their effects and contra indications.

Stress relief, better concentration, coordination and toning of muscles are only a few of the many benefits you will receive under Jean’s guidance.