Nov. 8th: Healing Wave Trio

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Saturday, Nov. 8th
@ 7 – 8:30pm
$25 registration

Healing Wave Trio concerts are designed to help you relax, unwind and bring your attention to the music as a meditative tool.

Founded by Bernadette Yao in 2014, the Healing Wave Trio uses specially designed music and compositions to create a meditative and deeply relaxing experience. The trio is made up of founder Bernadette Yao on vocals and guitar, Deanna Johnson on flute, and Rebecca Swett on harp. Bernadette’s extensive training in both music and energy healing at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, combined with the incredible talents of classically trained Deanna Johnson and Rebecca Swett come together to create a peaceful oasis promoting balance and healing.

Beneficial effects include: Reduced levels of stress, release of endorphins which could work as “natural pain relievers”, deeper relaxation, improves focus, uplifts mood, deepens connection to spirit, opens intuitive awareness of self. When the mind relaxes, the body follows.

Chanting in Sanskrit (from book The Yoga of Sound by Russill Paul): “They are luminous presences of auditory energy that simply exist in the universe, like vast and pervasive galaxies. When we use Sanskrit mantras, our normal perception of the world dissolves and we awaken to the spiritual fields of energy represented by the sounds. When we use Sanskrit, we connect our soul to numerous yogis and spiritual teachers who have employed this language in their own self-transformation”.

About Bernadette Yao
Bernadette Yao is a the founder of Healing Wave Therapies where she works as a Mind-Body Music, Sound, and Energy Healer with four years of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in music and telecommunications. Bernadette sang with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus and toured with the Boston Symphony Orchestra as a soprano chorus member for 10 years, and she composes and produces CDs for meditation and healing.  Additionally, Bernadette is a certified Reiki practitioner offering individualized energy healing sessions and group workshops in music and energy therapies. With this training, Bernadette thrives in her role as a Cancer Care Therapist at The Healing Garden, as well as in her practice as a volunteer Reiki practitioner at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital for patients in oncology, ICU, and palliative care. Before becoming an energy and music healing practitioner, Bernadette worked in the TV music industry as an on air TV talent with PBS, WGBH, and WHDH. Her TV career began as a cast member on the Emmy-Award winning PBS children’s show, Zoom. Bernadette still appears on PBS and WGBH as a TV Host.

About Deanna Johnson
Deanna Johnson brings pure beauty and musical talent to the Healing Wave Trio as a professional flutist with a Master’s degree in Music in flute and performance. She is a flute teacher in the Boston area, currently subbing with the MSO and teaching private lessons in the Lincoln, Hanscom, Concord and Carlisle schools. Before joining the trio, Deanna was the principal flutist with the Waterloo/Cedar Falls (IA) Symphony Orchestra, and solo principal flutist with the Chamber Orchestra of Iowa for many years. She was also previously an instructor of flute at The University of Northern Iowa School of Music while simultaneously performing with the UNI Faculty Woodwind Quintet. In recent years, her performing has expanded into World music with Bernadette of Healing Wave Therapies, playing for various yoga classes while enhancing her teaching style through Suzuki training and yoga practice. She currently resides in Lincoln, Mass. and is accepting new students. For more information, contact Deanna at

About Rebecca Swett
Rebecca provides listeners with an expansive experience through her thirty years of harp training and performing. She has performed with many orchestras, both nationally and internationally, with much experience in many solo, ensemble, and symphony concerts. Additionally, Rebecca has been involved in entertaining the Russian Symphony Orchestra, as well as several solo programs for Citibank, the Westport County Playhouse, Weston Commission for the Arts performances, and many others throughout Connecticut. Rebecca also was invited to provide entertainment for a private engagement for Senator and Mrs. Robert Graham in Miami Lakes, Florida. She has been living in Massachusetts for the past ten years and has performed throughout the state. Rebecca has recorded six CDs, including two Classical music, two Popular music, one Relaxing music and one Christmas music album. Her regular performances include three years at the Colonial Inn in Concord, Mass. during the Sunday Brunch, ten years performing for the upscale Donelan’s Supermarkets in four towns, and several years in the Oncology units of two local hospitals. Visit her site at

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