Outdoor Yoga Classes @ RCY

Outdoor Yoga Classes
{REGISTER w/ regular class passes @ https://yogaacton.com/class-schedule/}

2021 Schedule:
Classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted

11am  • Flow Yoga w/ Lelia Mitchell

11am  • Flow Yoga w/ Meagan MacNeill

•As of Friday, April 30th, masks will no longer be required for Outdoor Yoga classes as long as proper social distancing is adhered to.  Read about it HERE.
•Please read ALL class requirements and details below
•There must be at least 2 people registered for a class to run; Classes are held at Gardner Field in West Acton (directly across the street from Villageworks / Acton Coffee House and True West Brewing Co.); park where you usually would or on Mass Ave.


RCY’s outdoor classes will be held, weather permitting, at Gardner Field in West Acton (directly across the street from Acton Coffee House and True West Brewing Co.).  Class size will be limited to 1 teacher and 25 students maximum.

If class needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather, predicted temperatures above 85 degrees or below 55 degrees, or less than 2 people pre-registered, the call will be made by 1 hour before class.  Those who are registered will be emailed at the email address that is associated with their MindBody account.  Please check the schedule before coming to class.

Pre-registration and pre-payment for attendees is *REQUIRED*. Teachers will not take payments in any form on site, and students who drop-in for class when they have not pre-registered will not be permitted to attend.

If a pre-registered student does not attend class, we cannot refund their class pass. If you pre-register and cannot attend, you must cancel your reservation for the class.  The cancellation window closes 2 hours before class begins.

We ask that students perform their own health check before attending class. If you have symptoms of any type of communicable sickness, we ask that you stay home and do not attend class (i.e. fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.). We also ask that students who have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 please refrain from coming to class until they have completed the CDC recommended quarantine.

Students will need to agree that they are taking class at their own risk, and that RCY and its instructors cannot be held responsible if the student has difficulties practicing yoga with a mask/face covering on, or if one of our students become infected with COVID-19. Students may be asked to complete a new waiver before they attend class to address the changes brought about by COVID-19.

It is imperative that students take full responsibility for their own health, and listen to cues from their body if they need to take a rest. It may be possible for someone to get light-headed or overheated if they are engaged in a movement practice while wearing a mask. TAKE A REST IF YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU TO! If you need to take your mask off for a brief moment to get a breath of fresh air, that is fine but you need to put your mask back on immediately. We also suggest you bring a cooling towel, spray bottle or ice pack with you if you are concerned about overheating.  The area we will be in is sunny.

If one of our students should become infected with COVID-19, we will inform all teachers and students who have taken an outdoor class at the same time as the infected person. The infected person’s identity will of course be kept confidential.

Students must bring their own yoga mats, props, water, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug spray, and whatever else they may need during class – we will have no supplies.   If it’s recently been raining before a class, consider bringing a tarp for under your mat.  Students should be aware that there will be no public restrooms or changing rooms available for use.