Postnatal and Baby Yoga w/ Erica Taylor at Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, Massachusetts in West Acton Villageworks

Postnatal and Baby Yoga

w/ Erica Taylor at RCY in the Upper Studio & Online
Mondays at 10:30 – 11:45am
Thursdays at 10:45 – 11:55am
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Postnatal and Baby Yoga is a welcoming space to reflect and find more ease in your postnatal body. This well-rounded practice will emphasize alleviating common postpartum discomforts while building integrity and tone in the abdominals, pelvic floor, and beyond. Students are welcome with or without their babies, anytime from early postpartum until babies are crawling. We ask that only pre-crawling babies attend class for safety reasons – class is suitable for postnatal adults and pre-crawling babies. There will also be a short baby yoga practice, a chance for baby to connect with you and their new body! Bring anything to make your baby comfortable (car seat, blanket, toys, etc.) It is recommended to have your care provider ‘approval to exercise’ prior to attending (typically 6 weeks postpartum, 8 weeks for a caesarian birth).

When am I able to first attend?
You are welcome into class as soon as you are medically cleared for exercise, which is usually 4-8 weeks after birth. You can attend class from that point until your baby crawls. Once your baby is crawling, you can attend Postnatal & Baby yoga without your baby, so you are able to maintain a practice with a postpartum focus.

How does it work?
Mamas arrive with babies in strollers, car seats and carriers – there is a place to park strollers in the lobby area of the Upper Studio. Don’t worry if you are late, we know it’s tough getting out of the house with your wee one and we will welcome you into class no matter the time! Babies hang out on a blanket above your mat or in a car seat/stroller. You get as much yoga practice in as you can, tending to baby whenever you need to. In the last 10-15 minutes of practice we focus on baby yoga, incorporating baby stretches and singing.

What if my baby cries or poops or needs to eat?
Babies are expected to make noise and you can tend to your baby as often as needed! In the room, mamas change diapers, soothe, feed, bounce, etc. There is a lounge/lobby area in the studio if you feel more comfortable taking your baby there. Erica also acts as secondary baby whisperer while she teaches whenever possible to help mamas get more practice in.

What do we focus on?
A huge focus of the class is on you, mama! We want to fill up your cup so that you feel good and are better equipped to handle all those baby needs. In class, we work to safely restore tone and proper function to your core and pelvic floor. We also stretch out all of those achy muscles from the repetitive motions of baby holding and feeding (wrists, shoulders, back, etc), and help you find a sense of ease in your whole being during this new phase of your life.

What should I bring?
Bring whatever you need to make you and your baby comfortable! Some mamas bring pacifiers, rattles, etc. A lot of mamas have car seats next to their mats. Please bring a baby blanket or two as baby will often hang out at the front of mama’s mat (we put a baby blanket on top of yoga blankets to be soft and cushy.)

Erica Taylor

Erica Taylor, Yoga Instructor

Yoga has guided me through so many life stages: athletics, two pregnancies, work stresses, injuries, emotional rollercoasters, etc. That’s part of what I love about this practice, that it can shapeshift and become exactly what you need in a particular moment. Whatever is happening in your life, it is all welcome. You are welcome.

My wish for your yoga practice is that it enables you to come home to yourself, to find alignment in all ways. And may that alignment be a springboard for you to take strength and lightness in body and being off the mat into your life. Together, we can discover how yoga can meet you at this moment in your personal journey, and help you walk forward with more clarity and ease.

Erica completed her 500-hour teacher training in 2009 at the Nosara Yoga Institute with Don and Amba Stapleton. Their emphasis on yoga being an inquiry into the self, that the guru lies within, greatly influences her teaching today. Her studies have woven in and out of modalities, curious about how other practitioners view the body. She became the program manager of an Experiential Yoga Anatomy course to train other yoga teachers on the multi-dimensional being. She completed Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Harvey Deutch, refining techniques that combine physical therapy and yoga, incorporating therapy balls, wall ropes, and creativity to inspire alignment of the self.

Passionate about supporting the mama community, she began studying perinatal yoga in 2011 and earned her RPYT (Prenatal Yoga Teacher) in 2015 with Mama Tree, led by Jane Austin. She also completed Pelvic Floor Teacher Training and Well Woman Yoga Therapy training.

In addition to yoga, she is a certified acupressure practitioner through the McKinnon Institute, and loves helping clients find ease through a blend of yoga and acupressure. She is also a personal trainer through the NSCA, a Fitness for Golf Professional by Titleist, and trained in pranassage, a yoga and bodywork combination.

A yoga student for 20 years and a teacher for over 15 years, Erica’s classes are uplifting and playful, yet rooted in functional movement and the great inquiry of the self. She continues to draw inspiration from her loved ones, students, and life experiences. When not on the mat, she can often be found with her kids, her camera, and nature!