June 17: Qigong Practice Continuation w/ Sifu Donald Wong

Sifu Donald WongQigong Practice Continuation
w/ Sifu Donald Wong
Saturday, June 17th @ 1:30 – 3:30pm
Pre-registration $35 / $45 on the day of the workshop
A minimum of 6 must register for the workshop to run

Sifu Donald Wong will teach:
– Simple Wuji Standing (Qi cultivation and meditation) benefits Yoga and Meditation
– First 4 standing position of Yi Chuan.
– Tai Chi Ruler exercise for the Shoulders.
– Last 4 sets of the 8 Brocade.
– Refresh the first 4 sets of the 8 Brocade
– Refresh Near, Far hand on self-healing.
– For the last 30 minutes of the seminar, I will work on anyone with a discomfort for $10.00 per person, first-come first-served. Others may stay to observe the process.

As taught at the Qi Farm


Sifu Donald Wong has been studying and teaching Qi Gong since 1965. He has studied under Grandmaster Lam Sang (a monk) for 10 years, Sifu Li (a Doaist lady) for 3 years. He traveled 3 years overseas to study and research Qi. Sifu Donald teaches under Qi Farm at Nam Pai Academy every Sunday in Boston, Chinatown, and has done seminars in Asia, Bermuda, Canada, Europe, and across the USA.

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