Ravi Shrivastava

Ravi ShrivastavaRavi Shrivastava

Ravi started his yoga practice in 2006 as part of a larger “get healthy, lose weight” effort. Over the next couple of years, other forms of exercise fell away due to disinterest, but he continued with his yoga practice. Jump forward to 2014, when he realized that the yoga classes had stopped being challenging. All teachers, when asked what the next step was, suggested a teacher training course. So, he enrolled for the RYT200 training with Jen Ryan at the Yoga Loft in Willmington MA and by the time he’d completed the course, he’d been bitten by the “gotta teach yoga” bug.

Ravi enjoys the “sneaky” aspects of yoga, when things you did not realize you were working on pop up and surprise you. Like aching muscles the next day being the first realization of the core workout you got. Like vinyasa flow and breathing suddenly one day transforming into a moving meditation. Like “sthira sukha asanam” making sense in the frog pose.

Looking back, Ravi is pretty sure what kept yoga practice interesting to him, was the de-stressing it provides in addition to the physical workout. Today, when stressed, he very consciously seeks out a yoga class to relax and recharge. When teaching he tries to impart a similar “let’s de-stress” quality to his classes by keeping them fun and energetic.

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