RCY On-Line Classes


Beginning Monday, March 30th, we will be offering a robust new online class schedule! You will be able to register for classes on the usual MindBody system using regular class passes.


★ 1) Go to the RCY schedule at https://yogaacton.com/class-schedule/ or go to the MindBody Mobile App and log in with your usual credentials.
(TIP: If you have an account but do not remember your login info, please *do not* create a new account. You are given an option to search for your account using your email address, and then you can reset your password. If you need assistance with this, please email our Assistant Studio Manager Jenny Meshna at info@YogaActon.com.)

★ 2) Go to My Info / Account Settings and make sure the email setting boxes are *checked* for “Your Account” and “Reminders and schedule changes” and click Save (→ see screenshot to right)
(TIP:  If you do not receive the RCY Newsletter, you may want to check off the box to receive “News and promos” in the email settings. This is the main way we communicate directly with our members.)

★ 3) Register for the class you would like to take *at least* 1 hour and 5 minutes in advance of the class start time.

★ 4) If you have existing class passes or a current auto renew membership, you may use those to register.

★ 5) If you do not have class passes or a membership, you will be prompted to purchase the option of your choice.  See all your options at https://yogaacton.com/pricing/.

★ 6) After you register, you will then receive 2 emails with “FitGrid LIVE” as the sender:

  • The 1st one will be sent soon after you register, and will confirm that you are registered
  • The 2nd one will be sent 1 hour before class and will contain the Live Stream Link for the class. All you have to do is click the button in the email that says “STREAM CLASS”!

***If you do not receive an email, be sure to check your SPAM/junk folders. If you do not find it, please email our Assistant Studio Manager Jenny Meshna at info@YogaActon.com***

★ 7) It is very important that you arrive before the class start time – if you arrive late (after the exact start class start time), you may not be able to access the live class.  If this should happen, it will be assumed that you registered for the class so you could have access to the recording for the 48 hours after the class runs live.

★ 8) You will have access to a recording of the class you paid for for 48 hours after the live class runs.  The link for the class recording will be emailed to you as quickly as we can get it to you after the class ends, but please be patient with us as this is a brand new process 🙂

What do you need for class?
• Yoga Mat
• Blocks (if you don’t have blocks, use books)
• Strap (if you don’t have a strap, use a belt, tie, etc…)
• Blanket (if you don’t have a blanket, use a large towel)
• Bolster (for restorative and gentle classes / if you don’t have a bolster, use a pillow)

PDF File of Class Schedule:

If you need assistance please email our Assistant Studio Manager Jenny Meshna at info@YogaActon.com.

Class Pass Pricing Options
For information on class pass pricing to attend our Live Streaming Online classes available as of March 30, go to https://yogaacton.com/pricing/.

Free Recording Library
Go to:  https://yogaacton.com/rcy-on-line-class-library/