RCY Studio Policies

Pre-Registration Policy & Arrival Time For Yoga Classes
We ask that all students pre-register for classes Online or by using the MindBody Connect App for mobile devices. Students who do not pre-register for a class cannot be guaranteed a spot. Pre-registrants must arrive by 1 minute prior to the scheduled class start time or they forfeit their spot to anyone waiting to get in to the class. Pre-registrants who do not show up for class will still be charged for the class if the class is sold out. Read more about these policies HERE.

Door Locking Policy
Doors will be locked at the beginning of each class so that anyone arriving late does not disrupt the class already in session.  Click HERE to read more about this policy.

Class Passes/Memberships: There will be no refunds for any type of class pass or membership.
Workshops: A refund for a one-time workshop may be considered on a per case basis, and only in the event of a true emergency or sickness. A request for a refund due to true emergency or sickness must be made within 1 week of the missed workshop.
Series: Refunds are not available for series as your full series payment reserves your spot for the entire series, and the teacher is paid for your spot whether you are in attendance or not.
Gift Certificates: Refunds are not available for gift certificates.
Payments for class drop-ins or other class packages are non-refundable.*
If you pre-register for a class using a drop-in or class package pass (which we do recommend in order for you to secure your spot), please make sure to cancel your registration prior to the class running if for any reason you cannot attend.  You may do so on line, by emailing info@YogaActon.com, or calling the studio at 978-274-5596 and leaving a message.
*Any approved refund may require a $6 processing fee.  This $6 fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Cell Phone Policy & Audio/Video Recording Policy
We kindly ask that cell phones not be brought into the Yoga studios during practice unless truly necessary. Click HERE to read these policies in full.

Policy for Teens 13-17 & Children 12 and Below
Revolution Community Yoga’s Age minimum is 16 for independent attendance at adult classes, (16 & 17 year olds will need written parental/guardian consent). Click HERE to read policies in full regarding children under 16.

Policies for Cancellations & Inclement Weather
Click HERE to read these policies.  *** Please always make sure to check for class cancellations on YogaActon.com, the On Line Schedule or FaceBook before coming in if we are having questionable weather. ***

Lost, Found & Stolen Policy
All items left in any of the RCY Lost & Found areas will be purged on a continual basis on the 1st of each month. RCY is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Mat & Block Cleaning Policy
We have all natural mat and block cleaner in spray bottles in each room. We ask that each member borrowing an RCY mat please clean the mat and any blocks used, at the end of class. We recommend everyone clean their yoga mats on a regular basis.

Drug/Alcohol Intoxication Policies:
For everyone’s safety, we ask that members do not come to RCY under the influence of any type of non-prescription drug or alcohol. Teachers/staff have the right to ask anyone to leave the premises if they suspect any type of intoxication.