RCY Westford August 2018 Challenge!

RCY Westford’s August 2018 Challenge
It’s Free & Just For Fun!

This 31 day yoga challenge will run from August 1 – 31, 2018 at RCY Westford. We want you to take as many classes as possible at the new RCY Westford Studio to experience all the transformational & blissful benefits that a consistent yoga practice has to offer your Mind, Body & Spirit! You do NOT need to commit to practicing Yoga every day! Come and practice when you can, for YOURSELF, in a community that supports you. Every class you attend gives you another chance to win!

Every class you attend @ RCY Westford will give you a chance to win one of these raffle prizes:

To participate, just add your name to the notebook we will have at the Westford studio!