Nov. 18: Reiki 2 Certification w/ Alex Amorosi

Reiki 2 Certification
w/ Alex Amorosi
Sat., Nov. 18th @ 11am – 3pm
Registration $300 / Minimum of 3 students, Max. of 6

Reiki 2 builds on and adds to the skills from Reiki 1. In Reiki 2, you receive another attunement that greatly increases your system’s ability to channel Reiki Energy.  You will learn 3 of the Reiki symbols, how to use them, and how to send Reiki energy remotely to people, places, and things.  You will also learn how to send Reiki across time and space and the Reiki protocol for working with addiction.

Completion of Reiki 1 is required and you must present your Reiki 1 Certificate in order to participate in this course. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Alex AmorosiAlex Amorosi is a Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor who has been practicing and teaching various forms of energy work in Boston since 2008. Alex is an Empath as well as a Highly Energetically Sensitive Person and has found Reiki and energy work to be immensely helpful in channeling, using, and controlling his energetic gifts. He is passionate about teaching energy work and working with other highly sensitive people to find greater peace with and master of their gifts.Alex is a 3rd Level Reiki Master, Certified by the Usui Reiki Ryoho.

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