Arrival Time & Door-Locking Policy

  • Members should expect to be able to enter their designated studio no more than 15 minutes before class begins.
  • Please make every effort to arrive 10 minutes before classes, workshops, etc.
  • Doors will be locked at the beginning of each class (or shortly thereafter) for security reasons, and to mitigate disruption to the class in progress.

Pre-Registration for Classes

  • It is highly recommended that members pre-register and pay for classes online.
  • RCY uses Momence class-scheduling software, and it is super easy to create an account at, or just click on the “Book Now” button for the class you’d like to take on the class schedule page at, and it will guide you through the process.

Payment and Refund Policies

  • We do not offer refunds for Class Passes, Memberships, Workshops, Series, Special Events, or Gift Certificates.
  • At our discretion, a refund will be considered in the event of a true emergency or sickness. If you miss a class, workshop, etc. due to these extenuating reasons, you need to email us at to let us know within 1 day of the missed class/event, but preferably before the class/event.
  • At our discretion, we may offer the option of leaving a credit on your account to use towards a future purchase.
  • Any approved refund may require a $6 processing fee. This $6 fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Health Policies

  • If you are sick in such a way that may be contagious to others, we ask that you please do not come in for classes until you feel confident you will not infect others around you.

Cell Phone Policy & Audio/Video Recording Policy

  • We kindly ask that cell phones not be brought into the Yoga studios during practice unless truly necessary. If you must bring your cell phone in, please let the teacher know before class begins. Please place your phone discreetly near you in “silent mode” so that ringing, vibration or message notification displays will not distract other students. If you need to use/answer your cell phone in any way during class, we ask that you please leave the practice space and go into the lobby or outside.
  • Audio and/or Video Recording with a cell phone or any other device are not permitted in our studio before, during, or after a class. This is common sense courtesy which respects the privacy of fellow students, the teachers, and the studio.

Policy for Teens 13-17 & Children 12 and Below

  • RCY’s age minimum is 16 for independent attendance at adult classes, (16 & 17 year old kids will need written parental/guardian consent).
  • Teens 13-15 may attend adult classes with their parent/guardian (with written parental/guardian consent) as deemed appropriate and non-disruptive by the parent/guardian, or as otherwise agreed upon with any particular teacher prior to class.
  • We do not allow children 12 and under to take adult classes.
  • Individuals younger than 15 years old may not participate in heated yoga classes where the temperature may rise over 90 degrees.

Cancellations & Inclement Weather

  • Please always make sure to check for class cancellations at the On Line Schedule before coming in if we are having questionable weather.
  • In the event of inclement weather, RCY will likely cancel morning and daytime classes on weekdays if the Acton Public School system has cancelled classes. However, in non-emergency situations, classes may run during school cancellations at the teachers’ discretion. Always check the online schedule.
  • Evening class cancellation will be determined by mid-afternoon and will be posted on the online schedule at
  • Weekend cancellations due to inclement weather will be posted on the online schedule and may be determined to be necessary shortly before the earliest class.
  • From time to time, a class may need to be cancelled for unforeseen and/or last minute circumstances. We will always do our best to avoid this, but in the event it is unavoidable, we will contact those who are pre-registered for a class and also post the cancellation on the web site.
  • In the event of any cancellation on the studio’s part for a class that you have registered for, your class pass will remain available for another class.

Lost, Found, & Stolen Policy

  • All items left in any of the RCY Lost & Found areas will be purged on a continual basis on the 1st of each month.
  • RCY is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Mat & Block Cleaning Policy

  • We have all natural mat and block cleaner in spray bottles in each room. We ask that each member borrowing an RCY mat and/or blocks/props please clean the mat and any solid-surface props used at the end of class.
  • We recommend everyone clean their yoga mats on a regular basis.

Drug/Alcohol Intoxication

  • For everyone’s safety, we ask that members do not come to RCY under the influence of any type of non-prescription drug or alcohol.
  • Teachers/staff have the right to ask anyone to leave the premises if they suspect any type of intoxication.

Class Observation Policy

  • From time to time, Yoga teachers contact RCY asking if they may come and observe a class or classes. We do not allow this type of observation (sitting and watching) as we feel it impacts the students’ class experience and practice.
  • Teachers are of course more than welcome to attend any class as a paying participant and observe while practicing on their yoga mat.
  • If the teacher is in need of getting observation hours signed off on, we would need to be made aware of this in advance of the class.
  • Please note that it will be up to the teachers’ discretion if they want to sign off on hours. If you would like to contact us about observation hours, please email Jenny Meshna, RCY’s Studio Manager, at