Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga

w/ Krista Schepanovsky
Sat., Oct. 20th @ 2 – 3:30pm @ RCY Westford
$20 pre-registration / $25 day of workshop

What is Rocket Yoga? Rocket Yoga is a style of yoga developed in San Francisco in the 1980s by Larry Schultz. Larry was a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner and studied with Pattabhi Jois among other teachers, but became frustrated by not moving on to other poses beyond the primary series. So Larry developed Rocket Yoga – a style very much based in Ashtanga that also incorporates key poses from the second and third series. Also in Rocket Yoga, modification and a sense of playfulness is encouraged. It is called “Rocket” as one of Larry’s students, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead – said he loved the Rocket because “it gets you there faster.” If you think you are not familiar with Ashtanga yoga – you probably are already! It is the foundation for many styles of Vinyasa or what is sometimes called power yoga or power Vinyasa flow. If you have taken a yoga class, these poses will all be familiar to you but perhaps presented in a different way. We start with Sun Salutations and then move on from there. Every pose in the flow can be either taken to a more challenging level or modified for your own practice or what calls to you to do that day. In this rocket yoga workshop, we will discuss one of my favorite things about Rocket Yoga – the MDR – Minimum Daily Requirement in – a terrific way to start a regular home practice or add to one you may have. It’s a fun easy way to bring some yoga to your every day. Then we’ll practice a fast pace dynamic fun Rocket Flow followed by a guided meditation and a long sweet savansana.

Krista Schepanovsky has been practicing yoga for over ten years. She came to yoga initially as she was involved in triathlon and long distance running and kept hearing that it was so ‘good for you’ and found it was so much beyond her expectations. She ended up falling in love with not only the physical practice, but was fascinated by the mental and spiritual aspects, the history, the language and most of all the amazing fun feeling like a kid again when you stand on your head or can do a new pose that previously seemed impossible. Every day, every class brings something new and fun. Read more at Revolution.Yoga!