Roll With It: A Myofascial Release Class

Roll With It Mysofascial Release
In-Studio & Online
Mondays @ 10:30 – 11:30am
w/ Jen Mast in the RCY Loft
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Things you will need for the online class:

  • A set of the Blue Toted Therapy Plus balls OR 2 tennis balls and a knee sock/tube sock
  • 2 blankets OR towels
  • One pillow
  • A strap/necktie for shoulder flossing & stretch check-in/check-out
  • If you have the other two balls used in the Roll With It class (big soft inflatable Coregeous ball and the 5 inch Fit Ball) have them handy but we will primarily be using the Blue Therapy Plus/ tennis balls
  • Yoga mat or a carpeted floor
  • Position yourself near a wall if you might need to hold onto something for balance and/or you might want to try some of the techniques against a wall versus on the floor. Against the wall can be a little less intense. Most exercises can be adapted to the wall.
“When I practice self care, I intuitively and authoritatively address my needs as they arise. I reduce pain, irritation and suffering in a self compassionate and long-lasting way.” – Jill Miller 

A self-maintenance practice that complements your Yoga practice!

This class was designed to explore our myofascial system. Our bodies have a covering of connective tissue called fascia. This fascia wraps and connects the muscles, organs, nerves, and blood vessels.  Restrictive movement, sedentary lifestyle, injuries/disease and/or stress on the body can be demonstrated in the fascia and underlying muscles.  This empowering therapeutic practice can alleviate chronic pain and help establish better postural balance, release deep muscle tension, aid in lymphatic drainage, raise tissue oxygen levels and release endorphins, increase joint range of motion.

In this 60-minute class, students will learn how to use therapeutic balls, blocks, props and functional movements to release tight fascia, increase blood flow, and circulation to the soft tissues. We will also break up trigger points that individually cause restrictions, and discomfort.  The outcome is similar to the effect of a deep tissue massage. The goal is to soften and lengthen the fascia, and break down scar tissue or adhesions leaving you feeling lighter, energized and more fluid.

The exercises for these sessions are practiced on the floor seated, lying on the back, and the belly. We welcome all Students from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and degrees of flexibility. From beginner level to more experienced, we hope you leave the class inspired to continue the practice on your own!

Jen Mast is a RYT 500, LICSW, Lifeforce Yoga Lvl 1.  She completed her 500 hour with Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) where she trained under Maria Mendola (Integrative Functional Yoga Therapy).  Jen furthered her study and attended a week long intensive training with Maria in Tucson, learning various techniques for myofascial release, therapeutic movements and exercises to rebalance alignment.  Jen also competed an anatomy training with Ray Mucci in 2014.  Her extensive work with athletes, injuries and chronic illness in both the group and private setting inform her teaching style which infuses safety, alignment principals, unique uses of props and functional therapeutic movements.