Roll With It – A Myofascial Release Workshop

Roll With It: A Myofascial Release Workshop
2-Hour Workshop
w/ Jen Mast & Amy Yapp
Sun., March 25th @ 4:30 – 6:30pm
Early Registration + 1 set of  Therapy Ball PLUS Pair in Tote to keep – $48 
Early Registration w/out Therapy Ball set $40 / $50 day of workshop

Sunday, April 29th @ 4:30 – 6:30pm { REGISTER }
Sunday, May 20th @ 4:30 – 6:30pm { REGISTER }
Sunday, June 10th @ 4:30 – 6:30pm { REGISTER }

A self-maintenance practice that complements your Yoga practice! Think of this 2-hour therapeutic workshop as your “self-care laboratory”. We will explore the soft-tissue scaffolding that links everything inside of you together. Fascia is the living seam system that threads your tissues to one another. This workshop combines elements of yoga, alignment-based movement and self-massage using Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls to unlock fascial restrictions and improve your ability to sense the position, location, orientation, and movement of your body and its parts. The balls work swiftly to refresh and empower your body’s own self-healing nature and help you to identify and strengthen “body blind spots” – areas of your body that are overused, underused, misused or abused and are potential catalysts for pain and energy. From beginner level to experienced, this workshop leaves you feeling balanced, inspired and living better in your own body!

Jen MastJen Mast is a RYT 500, LICSW, Lifeforce Yoga Lvl 1.  She completed her 500 hour with Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) where she trained under Maria Mendola (Integrative Functional Yoga Therapy).  Jen furthered her study and attended a week long intensive training with Maria in Tucson, learning various techniques for myofascial release, therapeutic movements and exercises to rebalance alignment.  Jen also competed an anatomy training with Ray Mucci in 2014.  Her extensive work with athletes, injuries and chronic illness in both the group and private setting inform her teaching style which infuses safety, alignment principals, unique uses of props and functional therapeutic movements.

Amy Yapp
When Amy first tried a yoga class as a busy, young elementary school teacher many years ago, she decided it “wasn’t for her”. Ten years later and recovering from some serious health challenges, she decided to give “that yoga thing” another try. It was that second class after a decade hiatus that profoundly changed her life. She walked away standing taller, breathing better and knowing she had found something integral to her future. A born teacher, Amy couldn’t help sharing what she had experienced with others and began teaching yoga in 2003. Amy is honored and grateful to have completed her 200 hour teacher training with Shawn Shaw, Johnny Gillespie and Diana Hoscheit of Empowered Yoga . Always focusing on healing and prevention, Amy’s teaching has a strong foundation built upon core work, alignment-based poses and tension relieving breath work to restore and empower her students at their own pace. She believes in challenging herself and those around her, but is committed to listening to the body and making sure every class has a healthy dose of fun. Delight and connection are at the heart of every class.

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