Roll With It Monthly Spotlight Series

Spotlight Roll With It Series (In-Studio & Online)
with Jen Mast of Revolution Community Yoga
Select Monthly Wednesdays @ 7:30 – 9pm In-Studio at 525 Mass. Ave., Unit 102 (next to Acton Coffee House) & Online

Journey To Better Body Awareness.  Reduce Pain, Increase Range of Motion and Improve Functional Movement In A Compassionate And Long-Lasting Way. Let’s Take a Fascial Deep Dive Together!

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS (descriptions below):

  • March 8th {REGISTER}
    Spine Align… Roll, Realign & Stabilize
  • April 12th {REGISTER}
    It’s the PITS! Shoulders, Armpits, Upper Lateral Seams
  • May 10th {REGISTER}
    Take it to the “NECKS” Level: Neck, Traps, Pecs and more!
  • June 14th {REGISTER}
    Can You HANDle This? Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Too much texting! Ouch!!!!

Each workshop is $25 pre-registration or $35 day of workshop
Registrants will receive a recording of each workshop they attend that they can access for 2 weeks after the workshop date.


March 8th {REGISTER}
Time to Spine Align; Roll, Realign and Stabilize
Text neck got you down? Do you struggle with low back pain? The spine is a structural masterpiece made up of 24 vertebrae and 70 joints. Let’s take an indepth look at the many movements and functions of this unique formation that has carried you around your whole life!! We’ll shed light on habits and postural patterns that are often ingrained into our neural pathways from a very young age.  Over time, overuse, underuse and abuse of our bodies can start a chain reaction of pain. Together we’ll  map and learn the feeling and sensations around the spine, we’ll discuss strength, stretch, range of motion and myofascial exercises to encourage better body awareness  and promote a healthy, happy spine!!

April 12th {REGISTER}
It’s the PITS! Shoulders, Armpits, Upper Lateral Seams
I love the saying, “Pain is not where the problem is”. Susi Hately.  There is so much truth to this. This workshop will help us to address how pain can be referred to other areas of the body. Our shoulder girdle is a complex grouping of muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments that move the arm bones in the glenohumeral joint. Our  shoulder blades are meant to slide and glide on the rib cage with ease and support  arm movements. Respiration can be affected by the rigidity or suppleness of this region. This  juicy sequence is designed to improve ROM, strength, and functional movement  of the shoulders and may have a positive impact on breath and the surrounding areas above and below. Let’s spend some time in this workshop gaining understanding of our true range of motion and limitations with the goal of designing our own personal sequence to address these needs.  This is one of the most requested workshops!!

May 10th {REGISTER}
Take it to the “NECKS” Level: Neck, Traps, Pecs and more!
Neck pain is one of the most prevalent issues in our society.   Our lack of movement and “cashew”  shaped backs create the perfect storm for tension in the upper back and neck causing overcompensation and  weakness in the core, hips and general poor posture, thus resulting in fascial thickening,  tension and pain.  I am often asked, “how do I stretch my neck?” Often, it’s strength and stability that we need as stretch may actually be exacerbating the issues.  In this workshop we’ll practice creative ways to open muscles of respiration for better breathing and nervous system re-balancing, we’ll examine the muscles that are locked short and those that are locked long, we’ll relax into exercises that aid in releasing tight tender “hot spots’ that can cause headaches, nerve pain and even eye issues. AND as a treat we’ll explore a glorious lymph sequence for immune health. Let’s fortify, REVitalize and Refresh our necks.

June 14th {REGISTER}
Can You HANDle This? Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Too much texting! Ouch!!!!
Our Fingers, Hands and Wrists are overused and under appreciated!  The pandemic has has pushed digital dependence to the limits and many of us are noticing new aches and pains in our digits.  This workshop will give  our lower arms a much needed rolling reset.  These exercises can be done anytime and anywhere throughout your day.  Benefits include increased range of motion, new and creative ways to strengthen underused muscles in the hands and wrists, possible pain reduction for conditions like carpal tunnel, arthritis and other inflammatory issues.  Modifications are always offered and please consult with your Doctor regarding any medical concerns before rolling. Give yourself a hand and join me!!

Jen Mast, L.I.C.S.W., E-RYT 500 (IYT), Integrative Functional Yoga Therapist, ChildLight Teen Yoga®, Lifeforce Yoga®

Stepping onto the mat everyday has allowed me to stay grounded in the things that are truly important. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease over a decade ago, my life took an unpredictable turn. Things that were easy became difficult and I felt as though I had lost part of myself. It was during this time that I deepened my spiritual practice. Yoga helped to heal the aches and pains that came with autoimmunity, it improved my energy, my mood and it allowed me to show up each day for my friends, loved ones and most importantly myself. Yoga’s transformational abilities led me on a new path to become a yoga instructor combining my past work as a Licensed Social Worker with my new path in yoga therapy, functional movement through yoga and myofascial release. As we bring all levels of a person’s being into balance, true healing occurs. Moving beyond illness and discomfort, we are able to live life to our fullest expression.

Jen completed her 500-hour at Kripalu with Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) in 2016 where she trained under Joseph and Lillian LePage and Maria Mendola (Integrative Functional Yoga Therapy). Jen furthered her study and attended an intensive training with Maria in Tucson, learning various techniques for myofascial release, therapeutic movements and exercises to rebalance alignment and long held patterns. In 2018, Jen completed a weekend training in The Roll Model Method® and a Ball Rolling Techniques Workshop with David Vendetti – both for myofascial release. Her extensive work with athletes, injuries and chronic illness in both group and private settings inform her teaching style which infuses safety, mindfulness, alignment principals, unique uses of props and functional therapeutic movements, and of course a lot of humor and fun!  Through the pandemic, Jen has continued to train and deepen her own practice with Susi Hately, Functional Synergy™ and a Monthly Mentor Workshop with Jill Miller, Roll Model Method™.