Spirit Gallery Mediumship Event

Love Notes from Heaven: A Mediumship Event
w/ Diana Harris, Intuitive Counselor/Medium, Healer, & Educator
Saturday, Feb. 17th • 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the RCY Upper Studio
$40 Early Registration / $50 day of event

In February, we celebrate Love and the special people that have touched our lives. This year, join us for a special evening of messages from Heaven led by Diana Harris. Diana is an extraordinarily gifted psychic medium. Experience her distinct delivery style – a blend of gentleness, directness, a dose of humor, and unwavering compassion. She has been aptly named the “Happy Medium” because she brings so much joy to her work. If you’ve found inspiration in shows like “Long Island Medium” or John Edward’s “Crossing Over” prepare to be delighted by Diana’s unique gallery.

She will dive into your inquiries about the “Other Side” and convey as many messages as time permits from your loved ones in Heaven. Join us and witness the deep validation and joy of reconnecting with our beloved departed. It’s not uncommon for attendees to discover a shared bond with fellow participants, realizing that the messages of love and enduring connections are meant for them too. Spirit has proven to be profoundly generous at these events. Ensure your spot by pre-registering now – it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Bring a friend, a loved one or several, and an open heart. To ensure your spot at this extraordinary and joy-filled gathering, pre-registration is required. Contact: info@YogaActon.com or 978-274-5596.

“Ms. Harris is a gifted medium & intuitive counselor. She has earned a solid reputation nationally. Diana is a genuinely compassionate messenger of Spirit. She will put your mind and heart at ease as you witness her make connection after connection with loved ones & Heaven’s messengers. It is immediately apparent to all that witness her that Diana loves her work. Her joy fills the room. Don’t miss an opportunity to see Diana. She truly does have a special connection to Heaven.” ~ Karen Carlson, Maine

To learn more about Diana: www.dianaharris.net