Spring Cleaning: A Hatha Yoga Practice for Spring

Spring Cleaning:  A Hatha Yoga Practice for Spring
w/ Theresa Murphy @ RCY Acton
Sat., April 20th @ 1 – 3pm
Pre-registration $30 – $40 day of workshop
A minimum of 8 students must pre-register by April 17th

Time to start anew!  Just as the plant and (the rest of the) animal world is doing, it’s time to push, reach, and grow into warmer and more rigorous activities!  In this class we’ll do deep spring-cleaning using pranayama that’s heating, asanas that open the side body (liver & gall bladder meridians), and deep twists to cleanse the gut tubes from winter fare readying ourselves for spring’s fresh produce!  All practices will be in the interest of toning the wood meridians (related seasonally to spring in Oriental Medicine) as well as reducing kapha in the lungs and warming the inner fires for seasonal transition!  This workshop is intended for intermediate+ yoga practitioners.

Theresa Murphy’s deepest intention in teaching yoga is to expand minds, open hearts, and to be a catalyst for discovering the wisdom and wonder of an embodied life. She cross-pollinates from many traditions, weaving the crafts of individualized alignment, skillful sequencing, therapeutics, breath-work, anatomy study, wisdom teachings, meditation, chanting, and open exploration of physical and mental awareness. Theresa is the primary teacher for Tias Little and the Prajna school, well as an Insight Yoga teacher with Sarah Powers and mentor in the Insight Yoga Institute. Theresa wholeheartedly devotes herself to practice. With over 20 years of study and practice she has made her life’s work a balance of teaching the Yoga Dharma, caring for her ailing mother, and ongoing studies with additional influences Amy Matthews, Patricia Walden, Jennifer Welwood, Joseph Goldstein, and Erich Schiffman.