Talk Yoga for Kids

Talk Yoga for Kids 3 – 5 Years Old
with Jen Movitz • 2nd Fridays Monthly at 1 – 1:45pm at
Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, Massachusetts
In the Upper Studio at 525 Massachusetts Avenue (next to Acton Coffee House)
$20 registration per child

Upcoming Classes

  • Friday, March 8th @ 1 – 1:45pm in the Upper Studio • {REGISTER}
  • Friday, April 12th @ 1 – 1:45pm in the Upper Studio • {REGISTER}
  • Friday, May 10th @ 1 – 1:45pm in the Upper Studio • {REGISTER}
  • Friday, June 14th @ 1 – 1:45pm in the Upper Studio • {REGISTER}

What is Talk Yoga for Kids?

Talk yoga is the combination of speech and language principles with the benefits of yoga poses, breathing, sensory integration, and mindfulness strategies. Children learn to express themselves in an inclusive environment where they are free to explore, express, play and learn. Each enriching class helps the development of speech sounds and language using Talk Yoga™ Articulation Poses, flows, tune-ins, and games.

Who does Talk Yoga benefit?

All children ages 3-5 can greatly benefit. Children at this age are working on their letter sounds and language development. Repetition and movement help kids make a deeper learning connection. Self-regulating techniques such as breathing, guided relaxation and meditation help kids get to know their body and helps increase self awareness.

Jen Movitz - Talk Yoga

Jen Movitz

Jen’s journey with speech and language began as a parent of a child with Apraxia of Speech. Working with her then-preschooler daily, she learned the fundamentals of language and articulation and saw the benefits of pairing speech and movement. When Jen discovered Talk Yoga she knew it would be perfect for her and her daughter and became a certified instructor in 2022. Jen has been a student of yoga for the past 20 years and is currently enrolled in her 200-hour teacher training. When not practicing yoga, Jen works as a graphic designer and art director. She loves creating and inspiring clients to reach their full potential. Outside of the yoga and design studio, she enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, reading, and spending time with family.