“It has been fantastic to be back in the studio to practice yoga! I have felt completely comfortable and so much more centered and at peace being in a dedicated safe space. Thank you for opening up the studio and making me feel alive again!”

~ H.S. (RCY Member 2021)

“This week I attended outdoor yoga in the park with Lia. It was so refreshing to be outside in the sunshine, under the canopy of trees and on the soft grass. I feel like I’ve been stuck inside all winter, and this class was the perfect tonic. Lia did such a beautiful job of coaching us in harmony with the natural conditions, reminding us to take in sounds without judgement. I’m so glad that RYC is offering these classes. Thank you!”

~ E.W. (RCY Member 2021)

“On a scale of 0 to 10, RCY is somewhere between a 25 and 73. All the teachers I have had demonstrate extreme commitment to teaching. I literally have not had a single class since I began in June (I go twice per week) that has fallen short of excellent. I’m really grateful… all of the staff is friendly and welcoming. RCY is an exemplary enterprise that every organization should emulate.”

~ Andrew R. (RCY Member 2020)

“Maeve really loves Laura’s class. It is such a great class for her to help with mindfulness, confidence and core strength. We are so grateful you offer this amazing program.”

~ Penny (Parent of Maeve who attends Children’s Yoga w/ Laura Grundstrom – April 2016)

“Like most first-time moms, finding guiltless “me” time has not been easy especially without any support system in the area. I have been wanting to get back to my mat for awhile now. Sammy’s first class back last Friday was MY first class back and I left feeling just as amazing as I did after the first time I practiced. Cannot put into words how grateful I am to have found a “home” for me to grow my practice after having lost my way.”

~ Cathy (Sept. 2014)

“I began yoga at Revolution Community Yoga when I was preparing for knee surgery. I could not participate in my regular activities and heard yoga could be a good alternative. I took a free class and found I enjoyed it and could modify the postures with the help of the teacher . I was challenged by the class and found relaxation as well. I loved it and practiced 3 times a week before my surgery , I went back two weeks after my surgery and my mobility returned quickly . This was not the usual protocol as most people attend physical therapy. 5 weeks after my surgery my doctor released me and I continued with yoga to this day. I have learned so much at Revolution from the teachers, my practice and yoga philosophy . Yoga pushes my limits , helps me find peace in my day and improves my outlook on life.”

~ Charlene (Sept. 2014)

“Thank you so much for all that you offer! I’ve come to develop relationships with my teachers and fellow students that result in a real sense of community. I appreciate the variety of classes and workshops, and that the focus goes far beyond asana. The teachers really know their stuff and have honestly changed my life…”

~ Anonymous (August 2014)

“I have not recently been able to take advantage of the numerous additional classes but wanted to say thank you for not only adding more classes but adding them at different parts of the day. It is great to know that I can find a class to match my varying schedule most of the time! Thanks again and wishing you continued success!”
~ Amy (August 2014)

“As a young adult millennial with a bachelor’s degree in “Writing for Social Change” from the liberal bubble that is UMASS Amherst, I have been tinkering with the idea of revolution for a few years now. My first reaction to the disillusionment that comes with opening one’s self up to the strife in the world around was anger; anger at my government, at my peers, and at the world at large. My next step was to protest; I joined a few clubs and even went to a march on Washington D.C. That march is where I came to a life changing conclusion. As I watched my peers screaming and raving at Obama for his failures, burning money, and rattling the white house gate like gorillas behind a cage, I realized, this is not how change occurs. I picked up a megaphone and informed my peers, “Before mass revolution can happen, it first has to occur in the individual mind!” They screamed and yelped for joy, and I hope at least one followed through. Well, I know that at least one followed through, and that one is me. This is where yoga and Revolution studio comes in my life. Although I espoused my revelation, I had yet to go through an inner revolution. I received an email about yoga classes being offered to people who were willing to volunteer their time to check people in before class and clean up after. I saw this as a gift and immediately signed up. Thus my yoga journey through the instructors at Revolution studio began, and I could not be more amazed and proud of the results so far. Yoga does for me what I wish to see in the world; it releases tension, it brings awareness to the body, mind, soul, and appreciation for the planet that allows me to experience all of this. It provides a productive challenge that allows for an unending journey into consciousness, and brings people together for a greater cause.  My instructors are willing to help all of their students regardless of their skill level, and always come at class shed of ego, and filled with light. Every time I step into this studio I feel my wheels making another revolution and class driving me closer to my cause. Namaste.”

~ Meesha (August 2014)

“I love that this place really nurtures me by providing all the resources I could possibly need for my yoga practice. They’ve got vigorous classes for when I feel like I want a real workout. But they also have Yin when I’m in the mood to dig deeper, hold poses longer, and make a deeper, more internal connection to my practice. In recent months, I’ve grown curious about meditation and from their free weekly meditation class to the workshops they’ve hosted, I feel like I’ve really been supported in exploring the concept of mindfulness. They even offer a series of Off the Mat classes, where you can learn more about the history of yoga, WHY it makes you feel so good, and HOW to get the most out of it for your INDIVIDUAL needs. Not many yoga studios nurture and support their clients like this place. I really love RCY.”
~ Lynn (Feb. 2014)

“Yoga saved me. I am proud to say there’s a lot of us out there who share this belief. My personal story began with a health crisis that stopped my life abruptly. I made the difficult decision to leave my job as a high school counselor to pave a more balanced path. I stumbled through the doors of Revolution Community Yoga in 2013 both to take a class and to and inquire about subbing. I’d been teaching yoga for several years in the public school setting and had not only experienced my own benefits, but witnessed the many benefits among my students and teachers. Finding Revolution Community could not have come at a more perfect time. At the time Revolution was still very small, just the Buddha room. I began teaching a few classes, when the lovely Kyra Marino become the new owner. Suddenly the Revolution Community space transformed from a nice place to practice yoga to a true community. With Kyra came connection, creativity, a new family and home, Never once has my experience felt like a job. It’s a wonderful way of life with endless opportunities for growth, learning, nourishment and healing. As my health returned and my life became more balanced, I took the opportunity to further explore my yoga passion and began the IYT (Integrative Yoga Therapy ) program at Kripalu. I was hooked, this was my true calling. I completed my 500 hour in Yoga Therapy in 2016. I’ve been incredibly blessed in our Revolution home with opportunities to expand much of what I loved doing as a counselor. Yoga For High School Athletes, Yoga for Better Sleep and Stress Less on Tests are just a few of the teen workshops and series I offered over the past few years. I created a full curriculum for my Girls Stand Tall Program – offered as a week long camp in the summer for teen and tween girls to find their voices, feel strong in their bodies and minds, learn tools for resilience and confidence. This program is loosely wrapped around the 8 Limbed Path and incorporates yoga, breath work, art, journaling, discussion and meditation. I have witnessed the Monday night Teen class grow over the passed 4 years from just 3 students the first year to more than 20 this past year.

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