The Art of Manifesting

The Art of Manifesting

w/ Leila Laura
at Revolution Community Yoga in Acton, MA
Saturday, March 28th @ 6:30 – 9:30pm in the RCY Loft
Early Bird Pre-Registration $35 by March 23rd / $45 Registration after March 23rd
A minimum of 10 registrants must pre-register by March 23rd in order for this workshop to run

Leila Laura is an Intuitive Advisor and Love Karma Expert assisting her clients in reconnecting with their own highest self. Through the clearing of a lot of karma (past life patterns that were attracting the same patterns in this life,) spiritual practices and the art of manifestation, Leila was able to go from homeless, unlucky in love and super stuck to the beautiful life she has now.

Let’s come together and explore the Art of Manifesting. Is your life filled with the people, experiences and magic you want? Ready to plan what seeds you want to plant this year?

Bring one desire you would like to create, whether it’s a new job, relationship of your dreams, living more magically, etc. We’ll discuss how to create through clear intention and how to shift your desires into alignment so they can manifest.

If you are a note taker, bring a notepad.

Leila Laura
Leila is an internationally sought-after transformational Coach, Healer, and Seer. Since awakening to her Soul Self at age 30, Leila has advised, coached and healed countless others to help them find love by differentiating between trauma, drama, or karma, ego or soul self, disempowered living or empowered living. By combining coaching (looking towards your future) with Karmic Healing (healing of past traumas), she is able to support others in activating their dream reality.