Jan. 7: Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse

The Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse
Renew and Refresh in 2018 with the Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse Beginning January 7th… Registration is open!
Transform your body, energize your life, and get the glow!


As the New Year begins, most of us have renewed motivation to refresh our bodies, minds, and habits for the New Year. We want to help you succeed! Let us put our education, years of experience, and proven plan to work for you. In our New Year cleanse beginning January 7th, we guide you day-by-day towards:
  • Shifting your palate to nourishing, clean foods and away from foods that are causing weight gain, brain fog, inflammation, etc
  • Shifting your physiology to more fat burning, anti-aging, energizing mode
  • Developing the best self care habits
  • Preparing healthy food in your home
  • Switching to a more empowering mindset

Yes it’s a cleanse, and you’ll definitely release physical and mental toxins, but it’s also a way of eating and living that will make you feel better than you can remember. We love food and don’t believe in deprivation. You’ll be able to enjoy plenty of delicious foods the whole time. You won’t need to buy a bunch of supplements either because everything you need is at the grocery store.

Beginning on January 7, 2018, we’ll gently build our awareness and upgrade our habits and foods. Here’s the schedule:

  • January 7th – focus on motivation, mindfulness, and general self-care
  • Jan 14th – gentle nutritional shifts to prepare for the full cleanse week
  • Jan 21st – full cleanse week with AWESOME food
  • Jan 28th – ease out of the cleanse and explore food sensitivities
  • If you have questions, please contact cleanse coaches Lisa and Charlotte at info@urcleansing.com


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