Sept. 24: Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse

The Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse
Fall Edition Begins  Sept. 24th…
Registration opens Sept. 1st!

Transform your body, energize your life, and get the glow!

At the end of the summer, people aren’t usually thinking about cleansing even though this is a perfect time to cleanse! Nutritionally speaking, summer diets resemble an extended version of the holiday diet, so a good dietary cleanup is often needed. Also, if weight maintenance is something you are working on, losing a few pounds before Halloween and the holidays is a smart strategy.
A thorough fall cleanse will help you to stay healthy through the winter, feel amazing, reduce allergies, lose weight, and get your skin looking its best! The Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse program is enjoyable, effective, educational, and will support you in creating lifelong improvements. The program, created by a chef and nutritionist, feature delicious whole foods, and ZERO starvation, deprivation, or required supplements. You’ll get a solid, proven protocol, the best support in the industry, and end up feeling better than you have in years! Stay in the know by registering for their informative emails on and like them on Facebook.

  • September 1st: Registration opens. You will receive a tools email within 24 hours of registration that includes everything that you need to get prepared and pumped about your program. 
  • September 24th: Classic cleanse begins! We start very gently with a week of mindfulness tools to create a mindset for success. We begin easing into the cleanse with gentle dietary adjustments during the second week. The third week, we cleanse, and the fourth week, we ease out of the cleanse. Do this all from the comfort of your home or join us locally for some of our optional live events.
  • We can set you up on a different schedule if our group dates don’t work for you.
  • If you have questions, please contact cleanse coaches Lisa and Charlotte at

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