Upward Facing Dog from the Svaroopa® Yoga Perspective

Don’t work like a dog!
Upward Facing Dog from the Svaroopa® Yoga Perspective
w/ Kristine Curran, RN, RYT-500, Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher, Certified Embodyment® Yoga Therapist
Sunday, Oct. 7th @ 9:30am – 1pm at RCY Acton
Registration $65 / 10 spots available

In this three and a half hour pose class we will explore and develop the classical pose Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog) from the Svaroopa® Yoga perspective. We will focus on releasing tension in your spine and use poses that help you finesse the use of your arms, legs and abdominals. Learn about the Svaroopa® Yoga difference while you build strength and stamina in this challenging pose. Find a sense of ease without tightening your whole body. Your tail might even wag!

Svaroopa® Yoga is an asana-based practice that focuses on releasing the tension in the muscles attached to your spine. Using props and supports we focus on specific angles and alignments to create deep change in your body, mind, and more.

This class is not appropriate for anyone with the following: any trimester pregnancy (at the time of the class), history of organ transplant, low back pain, sciatica, spinal disc problems, significant shoulder or wrist problems. Prior yoga experience is helpful but not required.

Kristine Curran, RN, RYT-500
Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher
Certified Embodyment®Yoga Therapist
Kris has been a nurse for almost 20 years and started practicing Svaroopa® Yoga in 2007 Yoga during some of her own health challenges. She found it to be exactly what she needed in body, mind, and spirit and has now been practicing for over 10 years. Kris has over 700 hours of professional training through the Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram (formerly Master Yoga Foundation) as well as additional training in therapeutic techniques for treating pain and hyperflexibility. She is currently pursuing her certification in yoga therapy. Kris loves assisting people in their healing process and seeing the powerful effects Svaroopa® Yoga can bring to people’s lives.