Warm Power by Candlelight

Warm Power by Candlelight
Fridays @ 5:15pm
w/ Lia Romani
at Revolution Community Yoga in Acton

The class is designed to help you detoxify, enhance your flexibility, and improve your circulation.  This invigorating power flow will take place in a room GENTLY warmed to approximately 85 to 90 degrees. Be prepared to sweat your tension out!  Bring a towel (a hand-sized towel, and a yoga mat-sized towel if you wish), and water to keep yourself hydrated before and after class.  Come bring warmth and vitality to your body, mind and spirit!

Lia Romani

Lia is a Massachusetts native who started practicing yoga as a teen. The peace, clarity, and confidence it brought her was always available in difficult times and she became very devoted to the practice. Lia’s passion for yoga and desire to help other’s find similar benefits inspired her to complete her teacher training in Fluid Yoga. She brings this passion to her students and offers a well-balanced class, welcoming to all with emphasis on mindfulness and breath.