FAQs & Etiquette

Does the studio have Yoga mats that can be used?
YES we have mats that can be borrowed at the studio!  We just ask that you clean the mat (and blocks, if you use them) thoroughly after class with our all natural mat cleaner.  We also have blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, etc. that can be borrowed.

What To Expect If You’re New To Yoga
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Do I need to Pre-Register for a class, even if it’s my 1st class?
Yes.  Pre-registering is the only way to guarantee your spot in a class.  Please read our Pre-Registration and Arrival Time Policy at http://yogaacton.com/pre-registration-policy-arrival-time-for-yoga-classes/.

How do I create my on line scheduling account?
Go to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=13862 – you will see a link that says “Sign Up!” in the upper right corner.

Can I sign someone else up for classes?  
No, unless you have access to their account and can log in on their behalf, OR if you created a Relationships with them in order to share class pass packages (see below).  All students must have their own distinct accounts.

Can I share my classes with someone else?
Yes, class pass packages can be shared.  You can read our Package Sharing Policies at HERE.

Share Peace, Not Germs!
This is a friendly reminder that if you are sick in such a way that may be contagious to others, we ask that you please not come into the Yoga studio until you feel confident you will not infect others around you.  I know that is a lot to ask, but it is a courtesy we all appreciate (especially during the cold and flu season), and it’s especially important to those in our community who may have compromised immune systems.

Door Locking Policy
Click HERE to read this policy

Where Do I Check-In For Classes?
When you look at any of our schedules, whether it’s the ON LINE SCHEDULE or the Printed Schedule, you will see one of three different rooms associated with each class:  The Loft  •  The Waterfall Room  •  The Buddha Room. The Loft is our newest practice room – it is located at 541 Massachusetts Avenue, in the 2nd floor of the building where Twin Seafood is located.  If the class you are going to is in The Loft, you can go straight there to check-in.  541 Mass Ave. is located right next door to our original location at 537 Mass. Ave. The Waterfall Room and The Buddha Room are our original practice spaces located at 537 Massachusetts Avenue.  The entrance is located on the backside of the building.  There is a small lobby with separate entrances to each space – you can check-in for classes in either of these rooms in the lobby.  Any of our heated classes will be held in the Waterfall Room.  The temperature for our heated classes is typically 85-90 degrees.

What should I wear for a yoga class?
Yoga is practiced barefoot
Wear comfortable (but not baggy), breathable clothing made for movement
Dress in layers as your body will warm up as the class progresses
Please refrain from wearing any scented perfumes, body sprays, colognes or soaps
You’ll want to avoid wearing lotion on hands and/or feet

What should I bring to a yoga class?
Yoga Mat (we do have mats you can borrow, but we recommend you have your own personal mat)
Water Bottle (we have a water cooler for refills)
Towel – For regular classes, a hand towel should do. For heated classes, we recommend you also bring a mat-sized, non-skid towel – you will sweat!
If you need to bring your cell phone with you, please put it on vibrate mode during class
An open heart and mind, and a sense of humor and humility!

What temperature are the rooms where the yoga classes are held?
Unless otherwise noted, classes are 75 minutes in length and held in an approximately 73-75° room. The temperature for classes noted as “warmed” will be approximately 85-90°

Yoga in a Warmed Room… Curious?
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Mat & Block Cleaning Policy
We have all natural mat and block cleaner in spray bottles in each room. We ask that each member borrowing an RCY mat please clean the mat and any blocks used, at the end of class. We recommend everyone clean their yoga mats on a regular basis.

Cell Phone Policy & Audio/Video Recording Policy
Click HERE to read these policies

Policy for Teens 13-17 & Children 12 and Below
Click HERE to read these policies

Policies for Cancellations & Inclement Weather
Click HERE to read these policies

Lost, Found & Stolen Policy
All items left in any of the RCY Lost & Found areas will be purged on a continual basis on the 1st of each month. RCY is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What is the Om that is sometimes chanted at the beginning and/or end of class?
Om is the sound of the universe in constant motion – the sound of all sounds vibrating as one. In our yoga class environment, it need not be considered any sort of religious practice.  It is simply honoring all of nature and what surrounds us at each moment.  Students can choose to join in or not when the Om is chanted.

What is Savasana?
Perhaps one of the most important poses you will hold in any yoga class, it is the final resting pose of your practice. If students need to leave early, they should leave before Savasana starts so as not to disrupt this important time for rest.

Basic Yoga Courtesy
Do not walk on another person’s mat – many yoga practitioners consider their mat to be their sacred space.
Please be quiet before and after class begins – conversation prior to class should be avoided to allow for pre-practice meditation.