Yoga For Athletes

Yoga for Athletes:
Integrating Muscle Flexibility, Mobility & Recovery
with Sue Cushing @ RCY Acton
Pre-registration $25

Integrating Muscle Flexibility, Mobility & Recovery
(And Give Your Body a Break!)

Whether you are competitive athlete training year-round, or someone who is faithful to their HIIT workouts or daily runs, it seems like today’s fitness regimens encourage us to push harder, go stronger and test limits. While we can relish in the challenges and reaching the goals, our bodies are often put through the wringer – resulting in higher risks of injuries (which can prevent us from doing the very things we love!) In this monthly class, we will practice a variety of yoga poses aimed at:

• Finding flexibility and pliability for tight or overworked muscles;
• Creating stability in the joints as well as understanding true range of motion;
• Providing space for slowing down the body and mind to encourage mental and physical recovery.

The practice will include a combination of yoga flow (Vinyasa / dynamic movement), sustained holds (Asana / static poses), as well as attention to breath and a period of rest at the end of the practice (Savasana). This is an all levels class and is appropriate for athletes, dedicated fitness enthusiasts or anyone who wants to give their bodies some TLC!

Sue Cushing
Sue discovered yoga in 2001 after being laid off from a job in technology — which confirmed that when a door closes, a window opens. One class was all it took for her to find that place in life where you can truly be comfortable in your skin. Yoga provides a space without judgment and expectation and allows students to focus on cultivating the positive aspects of their physical and mental selves. Yoga can be whatever you need it to be — a gentle or intense physical work out, a mindful meditation, a simple act of kindness, and so many things in between. Sue has experienced many styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Hatha, and Forrest and blends the styles together into a fluid vinyasa practice that focuses on increasing flexibility, building strength and understanding the individual body through intelligent sequencing. After so many years of practice, Sue loves that she has only begun to scratch the surface of yoga. She completed her 200 hour teaching certification with Natasha Rizopoulos through YogaWorks, is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and continues to deepen her yoga education through workshops and master classes.