Yoga for Musicians

Yoga for Musicians Workshop
w/ Jean Popovich
Monday, June 12th at 7:30 – 8:30pm Downstairs @ RCY
Pre-registration $20 / $25 day of workshop

Playing an instrument is very rewarding yet hard on the body. Practicing for long periods of time, even with proper technique, can tire your muscles and create seemingly permanent misalignment.

Are your fingers tingling after an intense rehearsal, are you struggling with breath control in long passages?

Join lifelong musician and yoga instructor, Jean Popovich to learn yoga postures to improve technique and release the tension caused by playing any musical instrument.

Jean plays woodwinds and guitar. No matter what you play, she can help you find the right alignment with your instrument, relieve tendonitis and general fatigue caused by improper posture.

Jean Popovich has been practicing the Art of Yoga for over fifteen years. She is also an Ayurveda Wellness Counsellor through Kerala Ayurveda Academy. Ayurveda is the healing aspects of Yoga beyond the physical tradition. Ayurveda focuses on bringing the body into balance through diet, yoga, breath control and meditation. Jean’s down-to-earth, relaxed style conveys a deep understanding of these complex concepts while easily explaining all postures and techniques as well as their effects and contra indications. Stress relief, better concentration, coordination and toning of muscles are only a few of the many benefits you will receive under Jean’s guidance.