Yoga in a Warmed Room… Curious?

Bring warmth and vitality to your body, mind and spirit!
About Revolution Community Yoga’s Heated classes:
  • The room is GENTLY warmed to approximately 85 to 90 degrees
  • Students of all levels may improve their strength, alignment, flexibility and balance while reducing stress and increasing energy
  • Be prepared to sweat your tension out! Bring a towel (a hand-sized towel, and a yoga mat-sized towel if you wish), and water to keep yourself hydrated before and after class.
Yoga Classes held in a warmed room help you: 
  • Sweat and Detoxify
  • Enhance your flexibility by allowing a deep loosening of the muscles
  • Improve your circulation

Revolution Community Yoga
537 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, MA 01720


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