Yoga is Awareness

Yoga is Awareness:
An open forum to continually shed light on how racism shows up in our community, and how we can learn and do better
Join this free live stream forum on the 4th Tuesday of each month @ 7:30pm
There is no cost to attend and absolutely EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  The forum is not recorded or available for watching after the live session so we can encourage and maintain a brave space for people to share openly.  Our intention each month is to select relevant books, movies, documentaries, podcasts, etc. that we can use as jumping off points for discussion.

Calling all Allies: Cancel your other commitments and join us!
3rd Forum – Special Guest Vona Hill Discusses White Allyship:
Tuesday, Sept. 22nd @ 7:30pm

Yoga Is Awareness brings very special guest Vona Hill to lead an abridged version of her program RACE ON THE LAWN (see full description below); This deeply personal program is designed to train and empower White allies like you with actionable items you can employ immediately to eliminate systemic racism.

Ms. Hill founded Black Vanguard Alliance with her husband to deliver strategic solutions for eradicating racism and advises both individuals and organizations. She has 3 decades of experience in race-work, which includes ally education and bridge building initiatives, diversity and inclusion training, and political, cultural, and socio-economical activism. Her other main program “Human-eyes: A Black & Blue Summit on Race” brings Black families and local Policemen to the table for candid conversations about racial profiling and the police violence against the Black community. She is also the author of Little Miss Everything, a children’s book about an ambitious young Black girl who is inspired by 10 real life, contemporary Black role models.

You do not want to miss this special event!  It will NOT be recorded.

Resources for Sept. 22nd Forum with Vona Hill:

Race On The Lawn (pdf)

“We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity.”
~ Malcolm X

4th Forum – How to Engage in Difficult Conversations Around Micro- Aggressions & Racism:  Tuesday, Oct. 27th @ 7:30pm {REGISTER}

5th Forum – Racism in Our Educational System:  Tuesday, Nov. 24th @ 7:30pm  {REGISTER}

Resources for Oct. 27th – How to Engage in Difficult Conversations Around Micro- Aggressions & Racism:

Resources for Nov. 24th – Racism in Our Educational System Forum:

  • Youtube:  Ted Talk: “How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion”: Peggy McIntosh at TEDxTimberlaneSchools

Resources from the 7/22 Forum “White Fragility”:

Resources for the 8/25 Forum: