Yoga Therapy for the Spine

Yoga Therapy for the Spine
w/ Cindy Boulter, IAYT Yoga Therapist and ERYT 500
Sunday, March 19th @ 2 – 4pm in-studio & online
$35 Pre-registration / $45 day of workshop
6 people must register by March 15th in order for this workshop to run

Learn how to keep your back healthy and feeling good for all the activities you want to do in life!

In Yoga, the spine is considered the central channel for energy to travel and flow to the rest of the body. In life, our habits and ways of being can stop this energy from flowing freely leaving us with restricted movement or pain.

In this workshop, we will explore how to move and practice yoga in a way that nourishes and helps us to move better and more freely. We will explore how the spine moves, myths about back pain, and how to keep the spine healthy and supple to improve posture and everyday activities and life. Yoga therapy involves looking at each person as unique and needing a personalized approach to yoga and movement. In other words, we will play with finding what works for you so you can feel supple, strong and move with ease.

Cindy Boulter, B.Sc., ERYT 500, ACE, SUP & C-IAYT Yoga Therapist
Cindy is committed to helping teachers, students and private clients expand their possibilities through education, movement and self-exploration. She has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as an instructor and international presenter, and over 16 years’ experience teaching yoga and training yoga teachers. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, has studied extensively with numerous teachers and programs, including Yoga Therapeutics and client supervision group with Dr. Bo Forbes. She is a practicing IAYT certified Yoga Therapist and is studying to be a Licensed Somatic Educator with Amy Matthews.  Cindy’s seminars and workshops have been presented throughout Canada, the US and Japan. She has assisted and taught classes at Kripalu for Bo’s sessions on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression and has taught 6 years of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings.