Yuqian Zhang

Yuqian Zhang was a Latin dance teacher for more than a decade in China. With positivity and zeal, she taught children and teens more than just salsa; she taught them confidence, strength, and movement. But her auspicious path toward yoga began a few years ago in Canada. When she moved to Toronto in 2015, she was still recovering from knee and piriformis pain, an occupational hazard for dancers. At the gym, she saw a 75-year-old man balancing on one leg and holding his other leg above his head. He was so energetic and flexible even though he was a septuagenarian. Stunned, she had to find out how this senior was able to be so flexible and balanced. Yuqian finally asked him his secret. He said, “Yoga.”

Yuqian took to the mat herself to explore. It was not long before she too felt lightness and flexibility with the movements. While she remains modest about her abilities, her strength and skill is truly remarkable. But what separates yoga from other exercises is its purpose: self-awareness, introspection, and presence. Yuqian admits that she likes meditation even more than the movement.constant practice, yoga brought clarification of her inner mind and created more space in her life.

With clarity and confidence, Yuqian embarked on yet another journey. Moving from Toronto, Canada to Westford, MA in 2019, she enrolled in Cindy Boulter’s 200 hr training course. Leaning in to all of the excitement and change, Yuqian put all of her energy into carefully studying every element of the practice. Her knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy, the philosophical teachings, and her experience as a dancer and dance teacher are the foundations of her teaching career now. As a lifelong learner and teacher,Yuquian continues to develop her knowledge and exemplifies the principles of yoga in her everyday life. Yuqian’s positivity, patience, and kindness is exemplified in the mantra she lives and teaches: “Practice, practice. Everything is coming.”